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Shipping Information


Tree Frog Coffees ships products anywhere in the United States using USPS Priority Mail. 
Orders take approximately 1 week to be processed after the order is received. Shipping averages between  3-5 business days using priority mail service. So to be safe, allow a 2 week turn around time so you don't run out of the good stuff :-)
If you cannot get USPS deliveries at your location, please make sure you have entered a PO Box or alternate address into your PayPal account. We will not be held responsible for items returned or packages lost because of an improper address.

NOTE: At this time we do not have any special rates to ship internationally. There is no option for shipping in the shopping cart, but if you would like to purchase our coffees, just send an email to janet@treefrogcoffees.com
You will be given the total amount of the coffee purchase and the cost of the international parcel post service. If you decide you want to complete the purchase, you will receive a money request for the total amount via PayPal. In order to get the cheapest rate, only order 3 lbs in total weight.

The coffee chocolates cannot be shipped when temperatures are above 80 in Texas. During those months, a notice will be present on the website. 
We do not use cold packing and insulated boxes because of the outrageous expense to the customer and the non-Earth friendly practice of using styrofoam. 




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