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About Tree Frog Coffees

Tree Frog Coffees is a micro coffee roaster based in Bayview, Texas.
We provide freshly roasted specialty coffees to retail, wholesale,
 and online customers nationwide

Our mission is to be a responsible micro roaster offering only certified Arabica coffees that are responsibly grown and fairly traded using sustainable farming methods.

Tree Frog Coffees hopes that everyone involved in the coffee chain will eventually promote and purchase only sustainably grown coffees.  We believe that is the best way to ensure the safety and well-being of the coffee growers and their families, the land being farmed, and the entire ecosystem involved in coffee production. 



How is Tree Frog Coffees a Responsible Roaster?

 Tree Frog Coffees purchases only top grade Arabica specialty beans that are certified
 organic, fairly traded, Rainforest Alliance, and/or shade grown.

Our roasting facility uses "green" practices, and we strive to maintain an environmentally
friendly workplace.  We really care about the environment and the critters that live in it.

Why Buy from Tree Frog Coffees?

We only roast after your order is processed; therefore, every bag we ship out is freshly roasted.

We save you money by only charging you the cost of shipping, not the extra "handling fees,
gift wrapping fees, processing fees", etc, etc.

We have lower prices than almost all other micro roasters, and we are even competitive
with the "big guys."  Notice that our coffee bags are a full 16 oz, not 10.5 oz as are many store brands!

Because of our ethical and environmental standpoint, you can really feel good about your
purchase from Tree Frog Coffees while enjoying the great taste of our specialty coffees! 
You will know that your purchase has done something good for the people and the land
involved in creating your favorite brew.


Article from Better Beans Coffee Club...               

April 2008, Wharton, TX. For over ten years we've been finding America's best small batch roasters and sending their best to you, but we've never seen a roaster quite like the one we have selected for you this month.
This month, in honor of Earth Day, Better Beans and you are helping with a bit of frog-saving. Seriously!
And who better to show us the way than Tree Frog Coffees of Wharton, TX. 

Roast master-owner Janet Goings is a former teacher turned eco-friendly roaster. In making her career change a few years ago, Janet found that sustainable coffee farming fits her belief system. Sustainable farming is where coffee farmers grow their coffees under the rainforest canopy, clearing only enough of the underbrush to plant the coffee trees. Ecosystems are not only maintained, but relied on to protect and grow the crops. It's a harmonious relationship.

And where do the tree frogs come in? Janet, passionate about environmental concerns, explains that tree frogs are acutely sensitive to environmental problems, akin to the canary in the coal mine. Frog species are disappearing daily, indicating problems such as global warming.

The good news is what's good for the tree frogs is ultimately good for us. This is why Tree Frog Coffees buys 100% certified coffees, only those meeting the standards of being organically produced, shade grown, or bird friendly.

Not only is sustainable farming better for the frogs, says Janet, it's better for our entire ecosystem, including us.
Drink up, and save the frogs! - Better Beans Coffee Clubs


Article from the Wharton Journal-Spectator...



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