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Go Green!  We Did!


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Tree Frog Coffees strives to do all we can to help the
environment and to maintain a "green" roasting facility. 

TFC only purchases coffee beans grown and traded
responsibly from a sustainable market

TFC supports & buys organic, fairly traded, and  
Rainforest Alliance products other than coffee

TFC uses a Toyota Prius Hybrid for all business purposes.
(We can deliver a lot of coffee with 55 mpg!)

TFC uses only organic and bio-degradable cleansers

TFC practices recycling and composting, including
the chaff collected from coffee during the roasting process

TFC uses newspaper as packing material to
keep styrofoam packing out of our landfills!

TFC is a Rainforest Alliance Partner

TFC took the Audubon Healthy Yard Pledge,
the Take Care of Texas Pledge, AND got our
property certified as a National Wildlife Federation Habitat. 


It's easy being green-anyone can do it!
Here are a few tips on ways you can reduce, reuse, recycle, and respect the environment

Put your used coffee grounds into a covered jar or compost pail.  When full, mix into garden soil for a nutrient rich compost.  Helps to keep slugs away too! 

Learn how to certify your own backyard habitat.

Get involved with organizations in your state that are making a difference for the planet.

Buy more organic, shade grown, and Rainforest Alliance products.

Buy fruits, vegetables, and other products from farmers in your area to save fuel and carbon emissions used in transportation.

Buy FSC certified "Smart Wood" for your building projects to conserve our forests.

Check out World Wildlife Fund's site for lots of info and ways to be more environmentally resposible.

Buy recycled bird feeders and houses, or better yet, make some yourself out of extra scrap wood.