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Testimonials for Tree Frog's Products

Here you will find a variety of comments and testimonials offered on our freshly roasted coffee,
coffee related items, and our excellent customer service.


I'm long overdue but when I write my will, I'm going to ask for a bag of the Kona to be placed in the coffin with me. The Chiapas is almost too mild for my tastes. I'll try brewing it stronger and see what happens. The Hacienda Monte Alto is good but it doesn't grab me the way that some of your other single origin coffees do. I've had good luck with Costa Rican, Ethiopian and Sumatran coffees in the past so I may fall back on them next time, i.e., soon. Or, maybe I'll just get more of the Tree Frog Chorus or Toadally Global blends. Point is, they're all good and I could make my selections blindfolded and be perfectly happy with the outcome.
Joe T.
Friendswood, TX


Great Coffee, amazing quality, great service. Thank you.
Andree R.
Birmingham, MI


I sent the gift to my niece and her family to welcome their first baby.  They loved  both the hoppers and the
hopscotchers and thought the package was great! 

Jackie J.
San Diego, CA
I have been one of your customers since Treefrog's inception.  I must say that your roasting expertise of top shelf beans has given me my most enjoyable coffee experiences bar none.  And to have it delivered is most certainly the icing on the cake.  Fresh roasted to perfection beans are your passion and my pleasure.  People need to understand how important the delivery of fresh roast is for a perfect cup.  Coffee loses 3/4 of its flavor over a 2 week period and your delivery of my 2 pounds every two weeks in RIGHT ON!
Cynthia K Johnson
Podunk Heaven Ranch
Louise, Texas



I'm extremely busy, and as such will fail in both verbosity and eloquence, but I just wanted to say that the "Bullfrog Mania Blend" is simply outstanding. 
Thanks again,
Bryan H.
San Antonio, TX
Taken from Insider Pages Review...
Tree Frog Coffees Are Hoppin'  
I have been buying Tree Frog Coffees since the business opened. TFC coffees are always fresh and great tasting.  They also offer wonderful coffee candies, Hoppers and Hopscotchers. With the holiday season approaching, TFC puts together some wonderful baskets (I myself received a chocolate lovers basket for Valentines day this year from a client) that would make great client gifts for your best clients or just great gifts for the coffee lover that you know and love.
I highly recommend Tree Frog Coffees for the serious (and not so serious) coffee connoisseur.

Denise G.
Clute, Texas

Taken from Insider Pages Review...
Tree Frog Coffees has made some very good coffee & candy. I enjoy both very much. And it's all at a reasonable price.  They are doing a very good service to the public in being courteous when you order & trying to make your every wish come true with their products. Wanting to help preserve the Rain Forest tells you how good these people are, caring, kind, courteous.
They are doing a great service to the public.  Now they are going to open an outdoor cafe to share their coffees & beautiful location with the public.

Shirley M.
San Antonio, Texas
Hi -
Your coffees are AWESOME!  In particular, I've been tearing through the Candy Cane Cream like nobody's business.  :-)  I found your site via a Yahoo search for decaf flavored coffees (which can be really hard to find, so I was very pleased to find yours).  I'm extremely happy with every flavor I ordered and I'll definitely be ordering more when I run low, as well as trying different flavors.   The fact that you support Fair Trade makes it even better!
I've been telling my coffee-drinking friends about you.

Lesley C.
Shippensburg, PA 
I'm very pleased with the  Tree Frog Chorus Blend that I ordered and will certainly be reordering in the near future (when I get back from a trip overseas).  I enjoyed the Dark n Delectable Sampler also and hope to try another sampler just for the fun of it.  I will be recommending TreeFrog to my friends, too.
I want to add that the speedy response to my order was appreciated also.

Jeanie K.
Charlevoix, MI
I am VERY happy with both the coffee and the excellent customer service.  It was delivered quickly and with no issues.
I found your website by searching for Organic Galapagos Coffee.  I had originally contacted another company - listed before yours - but after 6 weeks of them telling me they were expecting a shipment "shortly" and never getting back to me,  I told them not to bother and found your company.  They were slow in answering my follow up Emails, with all sorts of excuses, too.
I am happy to deal with Tree Frog and will be reordering when my current coffee supply is running low.
Avis C.
Buffalo Grove, IL 
Hi, I absolutely loved the basket and all the frog goodies. I was thrilled with the frog ornaments as an extra to the coffee gift. I stumbled across your web site in a search for Christmas gifts made in Idaho. I don't know what link got me to you, but I am happy to have found you. You have a unique gift as well as delicious products for frog lovers as well as coffee lovers! I will continue to keep you in my favorites.

Happy New Year, Helen M.
Caldwell, Idaho


Our first coffee was the Peruvian.  Before we finished that one bag we realized that cup for cup the cost difference between this and (ugh) Folgers was minimal.  One pound of Tree Frog coffee lasts as long as the 39 oz. container of regular coffee.  For the maybe $2 difference we can have a wonderful taste trip to far away places.  Today we tried the Ethiopian.  I also picked the Rwandan today so that may be tomorrow's coffee.  The only thing I�m afraid of is becoming a �coffee-holic�.  I�ve always loved my iced tea and cola but after this I don�t know.  It�s going to be hard to not drink coffee all day instead of just in the morning.  After trying just the 2 Tree Frog coffees I can honestly say I have no interest in going back to the big name coffees.  This is our regular coffee from now on.

2nd Comment: 
I sent samples of your coffee to my sister in New Orleans. She was very interested in trying them.  We are tending toward the Rwandan as our favorite. Of course there are many more to try first. But the Rwandan is exceedingly smooth, no bitterness, and almost a sweet after taste. Ralph has nearly given up drinking coffee at work too, it tastes bad to him now. And this was an all day coffee drinker for many years! You've really won a convert there.


Agnes G.
Brazoria, Texas



I am going to order the Candy Cane flavored coffee in the next week or so!  Thanks so much for keeping those flavors around!  It's so nice to have something different than the common flavors (hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate).  The Mexican Vanilla Spice was so rich!  We sure hope you keep that one around!  The Eggnog Grog is awesome, too!  I was telling my husband that it's so nice to drink a coffee that you can actually taste the wonderful flavor of the coffee bean AND the flavors.  We've always used Millstone or something like that.  The flavoring is so overpowering!  Probably to offset the oddly bitter taste of the coffee itself.  The blend of your coffee is just PERFECT, just so smooth!  It's so nice to know that this coffee is made so environmentally friendly (shade grown, etc) and that the workers are being treated as human beings and being paid correctly!! 

Add us to your loyal customer list!
Thanks again,
LyAna A.

Norman, OK

2nd Comment:

Just wanted to let you know I LOVE the Rainforest Delight coffee!!  What a perfect combination of flavors you have made here!!  Definitely, one of my very favorites!!! 
Will be ordering again soon!
LyAna A.
Started with the Sumatra. Wonderful. Nice, but not too strong of a bite, at first sip. Then that deep, rich coffee aroma and taste. Wonderful.

Ronald S.
Wharton Chamber of Commerce
Wharton, Texas
My sister and brother-in-law were really excited about their basket.  They said everything that had tried so far was remarkably delicious.
Joy K.
Smyrna, GA


Hi there,
I enjoyed coming out to your shop and meeting you so much on Saturday.  Just wanted to tell you I love the Toadally Global and I tried the Ethiopian sample this morning.  They were both so delicious and full bodied.  I just finished eating one of my candies.  I will eat a couple a day and savor them.  I don't eat a lot of sweets so I will make them last.  Hope you have a good week and I will see you next time. 
Donna L

Dear Janet,
I love my tree frog coffee!! It is all I want and more in coffee.  My husband I ordered the chocolate raspberry and the sugar cookie, which are both amazing.  The flavor is just the right intensity!  I also ordered two others for friends, and they love them too!  Keep up the good work and I'm sure I will be placing an order again soon!

Jacquelynn A.
Rockford, IL


Hello Janet,  Thanks for the follow up!  I was really pleasantly surprised by the freshness of the beans and the taste is GREAT! I've only tried the Cookiedoodle so far, as I still have some other brands to finish up. But I'm tempted to toss those aside in favor of using these! :-)  I will definitely order again from Tree Frog Coffees and recommend your company to friends!
What drove my decision to purchase from your site over several others was absolutely because of your company's dedication to the environment (go green) and organic products!  I also truly appreciated the regional info and varietal tasting notes! (HA - sounds like I'm talking about wines, but doesn't the same hold true for us coffee connoisseurs?!). Your pricing and shipping rates were very reasonable too. 
Take Care, 
Teri S.
Springfield, MA

LeapFrog Solutions, a small woman-owned marketing firm in Oakton, VA has discovered your great coffee and we are using it in a marketing campaign. We are embarking on a campaign called �You�ve Been Mugged,�  we are playing off of a bistro mug which we have in our office.  We decided to give these mugs out to our clients as a way of hopefully growing our (and their) business.  We found your coffee online and ordered some of the sample packs, and we LOVE IT!!  It tastes great, and as a green certified office, we really appreciate your mission to save the frog�s ecosystem. Since we will be using your coffee in our giveaway, we wanted to know if there were any possible opportunities to work together in the future. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time, I would love to speak with you about any opportunity.



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