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Sumatra Mandheling

Roast Profile On the darker side, but not burnt tasting
Flavor Profile : Rich earthy taste, full body, low acidity, and pleasant aftertaste.
Perfect for lovers of a rich and uniquely wild coffee.
Certification: organic, fair trade


This organic Sumatran coffee comes from the Aceh region on the island of  Sumatra, one of  over 13,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, and the 6th largest island in the world.  

The Aceh region is known for its Mandheling type coffee. The region produces 90% organic coffee by default. They also produce a larger bean size and the coffee here is grown at a higher altitude, adding to the richness in the coffee flavor. The Aceh region supports approximately 65,000 farmers with many only averaging one hectare.


Island of Sumatra, Indonesia
Island of Sumatra

Hand sorting station in Sumatra
Hand picking the coffee at the sorting station




Bags of Sumatra coffee from Tree Frog Coffees
organic & fairly traded

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