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(This month's coffee special)

Panama "La Berlina Estate"

Roast Profile:  Medium dark
Flavor Profile
: Rich taste, full body & a pleasant aftertaste. An awesome cup of coffee!
Certification: organic, shade grown, bird friendly


This certified organic, shade grown and bird friendly Panamanian coffee comes from La Berlina Estate, a small 55 acre farm located in the Boquete Province of Chiriqui (Valley of the Moon).  This micro-region is heavily influenced by its proximity to both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.  The cool, frost free nights are followed by dry, sun drenched days which together create optimal growing conditions.  This estate coffee is grown in rich volcanic soils under the shade of the natural forest trees at about 4700 ft. above sea level.

La Berlina Estate Coffee Farm was founded by Mr. Segundo Diaz, a Colombian soldier sent to Panama to quash the separatist upraising in the beginning of the 20th century. When Panama obtained its independence, these soldiers were given the choice to return to Colombia or settle in Panama. As Mr. Diaz had fallen in love with the Boquete region and with a Boqueteña girl, he chose to stay and start a coffee plantation. In the mountains outside Boquete, the Diaz family found enough coffee bushes and beans to create an 80 acre farm. By the 1920s, having constructed a small sugar cane mill powered by a water wheel, grown corn, raised chickens and reared pigs, the family had established a “perfect, sustainable farm” for the family to live off.

Now managed by the Ruiz Family, La Berlina Estate Coffee still promotes the coffee originally planted from seeds in Boquete. The fourth generation of the Family continues to learn about growing and processing coffee, not just through the use of current technologies but also gaining experience from lessons learned from the past, with the goal of providing delicious coffee from La Berlina Estate to the world.

Shade grown coffee in Panama
Perfect example of shade grown coffee in Panama


La Berlina Estate and its beautiful sustainable coffee farm




Panama coffee from Tree Frog Coffees shade grown
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