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Mexico "Chiapas"

Roast Profile:  Medium
Flavor Profile: Slightly nutty & sweet, well-balanced with a smooth finish.
Great any time of day!
Certification: organic, shade grown, bird friendly, fair trade


Farmers consisting of indigenous Mayan peoples from the tribes of Tzotzil, Tzeltal, Mame, Chuj and Zoque were concerned about chemical inputs, soil erosion, fish and bird deaths, and the emigration of their young people seeking jobs. In addition, they wanted to improve quality and yield, and get affordable credit. So in 1992, they formed the FIECH, Coffee from the Indigenous Ecological Federation of Chiapas.  The state of Chiapas is located in the Sierra Madre Mountains and receives the perfect combination of rainfall and sunshine to create this strictly high grown bean.

In its short existence, FIECH farmers have built a modern warehouse with high-technology equipment for quality control. The co-op has provided technical assistance, repaired machinery, built school dormitories, developed women's programs and created a community lending bank.  Farmers have tripled their average income by converting to organic production. They have used their resources to improve their homes, further their children's education, and provide better food and health care for their families.

This particular organic, fairly traded, shade grown, and bird friendly coffee is served in finer restaurants throughout Mexico. In 1996, just 4 short years after forming, the Mexican government awarded the cooperative the National Ecological Prize for environmental stewardship. 


Chiapas coffee growing region of Mexico
Chiapas coffee growing region making use of terracing
(note rows on lower slope of hillside)

Shade grown coffee in Chiapas, Mexico
Close-up view of the coffee being grown under shade
trees and providing habitat for all wildlife




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