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Galapagos-"San Cristobal"

Roast Profile: Medium
Flavor Profile: The cup has an intense aroma, full body, medium acidity, and a rich flavor.
Certified: organic, shade grown, bird friendly, direct trade


This Galapagos coffee is certified organic, bird friendly, and grown under the shade of a forest pavilion at Hacienda El Cafetal.  The estate is located on San Cristobal Island, one of the largest of 61 islands in the Galapagos archipelago.  The actual elevation of the island varies between 450-900 ft. above sea level, which is equivalent to 1350-2700 ft. on the mainland of Ecuador.

Hacienda El Cafetal has been cultivating coffee since 1875 when Don Manuel Cobos imported coffee from Ethiopia to start his 247 acre plantation.  However, the estate was abandoned in 1915 and the plants left unchecked until 1990 when the Gonzalez family took over the estate and began the renewal process.  Unbelievably, the coffee today is produced from the same original heirloom plants planted in 1875!  The conditions on the island are so perfect, the plants just keep rejuvenating themselves year after year.  Amazing, but true, and if you think about it, doesn't anything seem possible from an area that hosts both penguins AND cactus!

Today, this 1000 acre estate is an ecological sanctuary and UNESCO "Patrimony of Humanity" site as a sustainable resource of the islands' people.  The coffee ripens under the shade of other trees such as avocados, guavas, oranges, and towering cedar trees.  All stages in the entire coffee cycle from cultivation to processing follow strict environmental regulations ensuring the continued protection of this precious ecosystem.

Regulated by local law, there are only 5,000 bags allowed for worldwide exportation each year from Hacienda El Cafetal.  Tree Frog Coffees is very excited to have a direct trade relationship with this rare and exquisite organic shade grown coffee from the most unique coffee growing region in the world. 

Map of Galapagos IslandsSan Cristobal Island-Galapagos
Map of inhabited islands in the archipelago & the view from San Cristobal Island
Galapagos coffee available at Tree Frog CoffeesGalapagos coffee available at Tree Frog Coffees
Galapagos coffee cherries growing horizontally & bird nest in one of the bushes
Galapagos penguinsGalapagos cacti
The Galapagos Islands show such diversity as having penguins and cacti
Galapagos Island tortoiseBags of organic, bird friendly Galapagos coffee
 Tortoise and official bags of 100% Galapagos Islands coffee with the tortoise logo



Bags of green coffee from Galapagos Islands
bird friendly
direct trade
Galapagos Islands-1lb

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