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Ethiopia Lekempti

Roast Profile:  Medium dark
Flavor Profile: Medium body, good fruity acidity, and a wonderfully wild, exotic taste.
Makes for a great cup of coffee any time of day!
Certification: organic, shade grown, fair trade

This Ethiopian Lekempti is organic, shade grown, fair trade, naturally processed, and has a wonderfully exotic taste. It is quite different from the other regions promoted in other coffee companies. It is much smoother and less acidic, but yet retains that typical characteristic of an Ethiopian coffee.

Historically, Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee.  In 1960, Ethiopia became a member of the Inter-African Coffee Organization.  Our coffee is sourced from Lekempti, also known as Nek'empte, a region located within the state of  Wollega, about 6 hours west by car from Addis Ababa.  This small farmer's group has joined the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, which was founded in June, 1999.  The co-op now consists of 22,734 smallholder farmer members from all over the region.

These small farms utilize the traditional method of intercropping several agricultural products under the shade of the forest canopy. 


Picking ripe coffee cherries in EthiopiaSorting ripe coffee cherries in Ethiopia
Hand picking and sorting the perfectly ripe cherries

Hand sorting coffee in Ethiopia
Hand picking through the processed coffee



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